Upload & organize images to use for your elements

Uploaded images can be used as custom marker images, marker sidebar images, or new maps.

Create maps, store any kind of article

Creating a map generates a new encyclopedia of elements specific to that map that can be added as markers.

Markers can be anything - people, places, or things

Organize the position of any element on a map. Place markers to link into a nested map, or simply contain the information of a person/place/thing of interest.

Open source for the D&D and fiction communities

My mission is to create free & open source tools for the geek community, and encourage more nerds like me to do the same.

Manual install


  • Self-install on your own server
  • Manual updates
  • Self-manage backups
  • Self-supported
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    During the beta, Patreon backers at the $20 level or higher receive their own server to beta test the app.

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Cartonomicon Hosted

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My name is David, and I'm a D&D web nerd.

I created Cartonomicon when I realized the power and utility in being able to upload, mark and share an annotated map or image with my players. I create battlemaps for my players, but never really found a great way to organize the points of interest and all the related information, first-person descriptors, and other stuff I write down about my world.

Since then I've realized how flexible a tool like Cartonomicon can be, so I open sourced it and created this website to show all the ways it can be used. Hope it's useful to you!

The beta is live!

While we work towards the first stable open source release of Cartonomicon, it can now be beta tested! Use the demo on this page and if you have time, report any bugs you encounter using the form in the menu.

If you're a Patreon backer at the $20 level, you will receive your own Cartonomicon server to test with, which you will be able to keep when the full stable release is out.

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Skyline project

Naming every skyscraper in this shot of the Los Angeles skyline. It's unfinished, but it's a work in progress!

Thumbnail [100%x225]


Uploaded my old apartment's floor plan and called out a few points of interest for roommates.

Thumbnail [100%x225]

Eastern Kharlia

In this example, I take inventory for the locations in my game's world on a large map.

Thumbnail [100%x225]

The Three Continents

An enormous known-world map reference of 3 continents in my game.